Thursday, 18 August 2011

‘Indie Authors’ step up to the plate

With the development of e-publishing it’s an exciting time to be writing and reading. New authors are appearing on the scene who previously wouldn’t have been able to get published. The writing partnerships of Saffina Desforges and Louise Voss and Mark Edwards are two good examples of this.  These authors have an electrifying voice and an exhilarating story to tell that mainstream publishers were reluctant to embrace.
Before e-publishing agents were the arbitrators of taste.  Receiving endless rejections from agents can feel personal. (I know, I’ve been there – as have Mark Edwards and others.) But agents’ opinions don’t matter anymore.  What counts is that people are reading your books and forming their own opinions of them.  Some will like your work, some won’t. Either way, as a writer you’re communicating with your readers.  That’s what matters.  Agents are simply a barrier to direct communication between authors and readers.  With e-publishing, those barriers are coming down.  Hurrah for the indie authors.  Indie Authors Unite.

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