About this blog

The Adventures of a Thriller Writer: - charts my steps into e-publishing.  It explores the nature of the e-book market and introduces some of the great people I’ve met.  Many of these will be guest posting, and others are people whose unique stories I’ll be sharing with you.

My adventures are also intended to explore the writing process and how authors set about creating an imagined world to entertain the reader.

·          What is the role of setting in creating atmosphere and encouraging readers to suspend their disbelief?

·          How are the characters and story arc woven into a convincing whole? 

·          Where do authors receive their inspiration from?
These are some of the mnay questions I and my guests will be sharing our views on.

I hope you enjoy stepping into an author’s mind.  But beware – there are dangerous characters, dark places and terrifying events lurking there.

And of course there will be book reviews and much more …